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Any ideas? - Theta Tau

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Phi Beta Chapter - Oakland University - Rochester, MI

October 14th, 2008

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06:21 pm - Any ideas?

You are employed as engineers in a well-established business "Water Tech A / S" with 500 employees. The company is located in Oslo and has a larger sister company in Germany "Wasser Tech AG with 1,500 employees. Companies, which has the same owners, share markets in Europe between them. Water Tech A / S konsenterer on the Scandinavian market, while Wasser Tech AG has the rest of the EU countries as its market. Consequently, companies have no market competition. Rather, they work together well both in terms of development, marketing and sale of products that are all directed at the maritime and marine market segment. Both companies have their own development departments, and essentially sell the products that they develop themselves.

The EU has announced support for the development, marketing and sale of new innovations on the theme "Sea and the sea - energy and traffic" in the maritime or the marine market segment. Both companies want to apply for support. To be considered to support up to 10 million companies must submit an application based on new innovative ideas.
Leaders in the two sister companies will work together and submit a joint application.
To ensure the best possible ideomfang to announce the application leaders'  idea competition "The winning idea" between the Norwegian and the German company.

Thursday team, one from each company, therefore, put together. The teams consist mainly of engineers from the two development departments. The best idea, either Norwegian or German, will be the basis for the application that will later be submitted to the EU.
This is a major prestige to the competition. That  YOU are one of the engineers that of the national leadership has chosen to join the Norwegian team is no coincidence. Through several years in business, you can view the high innovation. Together with the other engineers on your team you are considered to be one of the most creative and innovative business, and it is associated with big aspirations to you. Winner your team, your company could be collected substantial sums of Developer and the team can be foreseeable, a significant career boost.

Build new ideas around the theme: "Sea and the sea - energy and traffic"

The idea may be a new product or new service

It is allowed to use existing solutions and improve them with new ideas

The idea both outlined and described in the most understandable way

You should create a plan for the realization of the idea to finished prototype for a period of 12 months.

Reflects the market to the idea (who are customers and how many are they - market account?)

Reflects profitability for the production and sale of the product or service (it will be profitable and realize?)

The following standard used for Brainstorming

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